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Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 1-Star Cruise Libra (Penang-Phuket-Krabi-Penang) :: 23-26 Oct 2011

Most of people think that living on board in a Star Cruise trip is expensive. For me, I can say NO and also YES. It is not as expensive as I thought. Just imagine that you only have to pay less that RM1000 for 4 days full board trip. Full board means it is inclusive on accommodation and buffet meals. What makes it expensive is that you have to pay full amount, or 50% deposit and the balance has to be paid within 10 days. If you have enough saving to pay then it will good for you.

This is the most relaxing trip I've ever went. We have nice and plenty of foods, entertainment on board, and you are able to have tour at the places you stopped.  It began in 2011 when my friend, Amy and I went to Matta Fair held at PWTC during the year. We passed all the booths and finally found a booth that offers holiday packages on Star Cruise.

After considering everything including price, location and date of holiday, we ended up choosing a holiday for 4 days 3 nights with Star Libra to Phuket and Krabi. The date we have chosen was 23 to 26 October 2011 and we have to go to Penang for this.

Day 1: 23rd October 2011 (Penang)

We have decided to take KTMB train to Butterworth on the night before departure. The time of departure supposed to be 11 pm but it was delayed to almost 12 pm, consequently we arrived late in Butterworth about 9 am. After that, we had to take ferry to go the Penang Island.
Penang Ferry
On that morning, my friend, Ijat, who was a local Penang, fetch us at Penang Jetty and took us for breakfast. The place she brought us has a unique name, Roti Canai Tahi. It is only a stall located at Transfer Road, Penang. The Roti Canai is unique because they served it with lamb or chicken curry and it was grilled with no oil. I also tried bread toast with soft boiled egg on the top.
Bread Toast with Soft Boiled Egg
Roti Canai Daging
Before departure
Around 10 am, we were then register at Port Swettenham before go on the board. We were given a card as our access card and also function as credit card to purchase anything  as they practice cashless on board.
The Access Card
After registration done, we were then entered to our room at Deck 4 with Ocean View. The room was just  nice for two with attached bathroom. Towels and toiletries were also provided, like any other standard hotels. It was also complete with wardrobe and TV with Astro channels. The only thing not allowed in this room was  to have any electrical item that produced heat such as iron and water kettle.
Our Room with Satellite TV (Astro)
Once the ship start sailing, we went up to the pool deck. It's time for Welcome BBQ Party! Most of the food served during this party was halal except the alcoholic drink at the pub. However, you can ask the chef to confirm whether the food is halal before you take and eat it. During the party we were also enjoy the live band performance, salsa dance by sweet Latin couple and many more. I really feel like rich people enjoying my luxury experience just like in TV!

Pool Deck
Our Captain on board

Salsa at BBQ party

Halal Restaurant on board
We've met new friends on board. Not so many Malays on this cruise, but I guess enough for us to chit chat with them. Some are free and easy like us and some are using tour agent.

In this cruise, all transactions are done in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR). There were 3 restaurants provided but one of it serves Halal food for Muslims. It was using buffet concept for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. The foods were so nice and you can eat all you can.

Night view
We were provided with tentative for the whole program on board.  There were entertainments hall that we could enter as well. Some of it were free and some needs to pay. We didn't really watch the show they provided because we were too tired and rest in our room.

To be continued..


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